Facebook Business Verification

Meta Business Verification not required to Increase your Messaging Limit

Starting Nov 1st 2023, Meta Business Verification is no longer required to increase your WhatsApp Business API Messaging Limits. You can increase your daily WhatsApp messaging limit from 250 to 1,000…


Why your business can't be verified?

After you submitted documentation, you can check your business verification status in the Security Centre in Business settings.Meta may ask you to submit more information and provide you the reasons…

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How can I contact Facebook Team for Business Verification Issues?

If you have any issues related to Business Verification, you can contact the Facebook Business Support team. To do so, please follow these steps: Go to https://business.facebook.com. On the bottom le…


What if the 'Start Verification' button is greyed?

UPDATE To find your Facebook BMID, please refer to this article. Alternatively, if you apply for WhatsApp API directly from our website , your button will be automatically enabled. What would you do…


What documents are required for Facebook Business Verification?

If your business is not listed when you attempt to verify it, Facebook may ask you to upload official documents to prove that your business has been registered. These documents must show the legal na…


What are the steps to get Facebook Business Verification?

Starting 1st Nov 2023, Meta Business Verification is no longer mandatory to increase your WhatsApp API number's messaging limit. You can increase your messaging limit by messaging 1k unique contacts…


How to check whether your business is verified?

Tip! Official Business Account is NOT a prerequisite for using WhatsApp Business API. To check whether your business is verified: Go to Business settings. Click Security Centre. Find the Verification…


Where to find the Facebook Business Manager ID?

Your business ID corresponds to your Business Manager with Facebook. It is a 16-digit number that uniquely identifies your business with Facebook Steps to find your business ID Go to business.faceboo…


Why is Facebook Business Verification required?

Facebook Business Verification is mandatory for us to get you approved for WhatsApp Verification. This process usually takes up to 2 weeks.. We recommend that businesses should initiate Facebook Busi…