Broadcast Sequence Sheet Add-on

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We have come up with a Google Sheets based solution that allows you to send Broadcast messages to users with a time delay.

How to use this?

You should see 5 Sheets in the G-Sheet provided.

Only sheets 1 and 2 must be edited, sheets 3, 4 & 5 are purely for logs and validation
  1. Setup
    Set up account level information like API Endpoint, Access Token, Template Name, Time Delay, etc
  2. Raw Feed
    This is where you can enter the time you want the message to be sent, Phone Number, values of the variables in the template, etc
  3. Broadcast
    This is where you can track all the active messages scheduled
  4. Backend
    This is where you can double check if the variable values are set correctly
  5. Logs
    This is where you can check logs of all historically sent messages
1. Setup

Enter your API Endpoint beside the URL field

Enter your Access Token beside the Authorization field

Enter your Template Name beside the Template Name field

Set the time delay beside the 'Time to send template (minutes)' field.

+10 will send the message 10 minutes after the mentioned time stamp

-10 will send the message 10 minutes before the mentioned time stamp

When you are ready to start the broadcast, click the Start Button, to stop midway, use the Stop button.

Advanced settings

Start before (min) - This is the buffer time to send messages (For example WATI takes 1 minute to deliver about 300 messages. If you have about 3000 messages to be sent, you can set the Start before (min) = 10 so that by the actual time you mentioned, all 3k would be sent)

Leeway (min) - This is also a buffer zone to send all the messages

Cycle every (min) - This is the interval at which Google sheets will check if the current time == time to send messages

2. Raw Feed

This is where you enter the actual end user's details.

In Column A- Enter the time at which the message should be triggered to users.

Use MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS format only. Example: 01/31/2024 15:30:00

In Column B- Enter No if the message must not be sent to the user. Leave blank if the user must receive the message.

In Column C- Enter the Phone number of the user in the format country_code+phone_number without special characters. Example: 919876543210

From Column D onwards enter the name of the variables used in the template in Row 1 and the values below

For Example, I have a template with 3 variables: name, branch & account_number, the sheet would be similar to:







1/1/2024 15:30:00


Test User

New York


3. Broadcast

You can confirm if the messages are scheduled to the users correctly here. If the message is scheduled correctly, the Status column will say NOT YET

4. Backend

You can confirm if all the fields are added correctly. It must say TimeStamp, Condition, Phone, and names of variables

5. Logs

You can see the whole history of all messages sent under this sheet

Please reach out to to know more about this solution.

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