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WATI Account running Slow

WATI Account Running Slow. Issues you might have faced. You must sometimes face issues where you notice that your WATI is not responding as expected and is a bit slow. You might have faced issues lik…

Prabhansh Jain
Updated 5 months ago by Prabhansh Jain

How to add a tag to chat?

All new conversations are created without any tags and you may add the tag depends on the issues that customers have. You could also search for the tags that you used before or any tags that you have…

Updated 1 month ago

Copy Conversation URL

WATI allows you to copy the conversation URL of any message from the Team Inbox. To copy the conversation URL, just click on the three dots on the top-left of any conversation and copy the Link.

Jitesh Dugar
Updated 5 months ago by Jitesh Dugar

What happens if someone you blocked messages you again?

As you might already know, in WATI we have a conversation status named "Spam & Block". If the you wish to block a number (due to irrelevant content, spam, etc), you can change the status of the ticke…

Jair García
Updated 1 month ago by Jair García

How to use quick replies/canned replies?

How to create and send quick replies? Quick replies are very useful when you have a lot of contacts and would have to send repeated messages to clients or the same message content to different client…

Prabhansh Jain
Updated 1 month ago by Prabhansh Jain

What features does WATI Team Inbox offer?

WATI Team Inbox is capable of the below features: start and end live chats. send messages. assign tickets to the operators. add contacts to favourites. change topic name. add quick replies. add custo…

Updated 8 months ago

How to start a new Chat?

Starting a new chat. It is fairly simple to start a new chat, follow these steps: Login to your WATI Dashboard. Navigate to your Team Inbox. Click on the pen icon. Now, there are two options to which…

Prabhansh Jain
Updated 10 months ago by Prabhansh Jain

How to add contact to Favorite?

Click the "Star" icon to add contacts to your favourite list. Use the filter "Favorite only" to display starred contacts.

Updated 7 months ago

How to add custom parameters?

For adding custom parameters: Click "+" icon. Fill custom attributes. Click "ADD ATTRIBUTES". Save changes.

Updated 8 months ago

How to download chats from WATI?

There is an interesting feature that allows the user to download chat transcripts. If the user is an Administrator, he/she can download chat transcripts for each contact by: Go to the Team Inbox scre…

Nhi Luong
Updated 7 months ago by Nhi Luong

How to search and filter chats?

Filter chats in your Team Inbox on the following criteria: All chats - shows all contacts.. Unassigned - shows all contacts that have not been assigned to the operators.. Last 24 Hours - shows all co…

Updated 7 months ago